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I am glad to offer my official endorsement to Jason because I’m confident he will represent with conviction the people of the New River Valley. I have known Jason for 6 years and have observed him as a Town Councilman, a father, a coach, and a community leader. Rest assured, Jason always has our community’s best interest at heart.

Richard “Ricky” McCoy, Chairman, Giles County Board of Supervisors

I am excited to have Jason Ballard as our Republican Nominee in Virginia’s 12th House District. I can attest to Jason’s determination to fight and run a winning campaign as a candidate whose leadership and willingness to serve others I unmatched – he is an individual that is so greatly needed in Richmond. It’s time that the 12th has a Delegate whose first and only concern is working hard for folks in the New River Valley.

Morgan Griffith, Congressman for Virginia 9th House District

I have absolute faith that Jason will be a phenomenal Delegate for Virginia’s House District 12. Jason and his Family have dedicated their lives to serving others, and the citizens of the New River Valley would be blessed to have him as their representative in Richmond.

Major General (Ret.) Thomas E. Ayres, US Army, & Former General Counsel for the Department of the Air Force.

It is with great enthusiasm that I officially endorse my battle-buddy, Jason Ballard, for District 12 of the House of Delegates.

Sheriff C.H. “Hank” Partin. Sheriff, Montgomery County

As a law enforcement officer, I want my elected representative to be responsive to the needs of our community. We also need someone who will stand up for us in Richmond. Jason is that person. I’ve observed Jason both on Town Council and as a Coach for our youth sports programs. I can personally vouch for his leadership and passion for making our community a better place to live.

Lieutenant D.W. Ratcliffe, Pearisburg Police Department

Jason Ballard is a man of great ability and integrity who I will look forward to working with as Delegate for the 12th District,” said Joe Guthrie. “The 12 District includes two of the three precincts I represent on the Board of Supervisors. So, if you vote at either Riverlawn Elementary School or at Belspring Methodist Church, you’re part of the 12th Delegate District. Please vote this November for Jason Ballard for Delegate.

Joe Guthrie, Pulaski County Board of Supervisors Chairman

I offer my full support to Jason and his campaign. Jason’s record of supporting our law enforcement officers is without question. He is also very active in our community. I’ve observed him as a Youth Coach, and his devotion to helping our kids learn and grow is admirable. I know he will fight for our children’s future, and I’m glad he will be our voice in Richmond.

Chief Bentley Ratcliffe, Narrows Police Department

I’m happy to give my official endorsement to my fellow Council Member, Jason Ballard, and his campaign for District 12, House of Delegates. I’ve worked with Jason on Council for 4 years. He approaches every issue with a genuine concern for what is best for our community. He carefully listens to opposing viewpoints and makes decisions with clarity and conviction. I can think of no better person to be our representative in Richmond.

Councilwoman Cathy Clark, Pearisburg Town Council.

I’m happy to give Jason and his campaign my official endorsement. Jason will guard against the attack on our brave police officers who are fighting to keep us safe. Jason will always stand up against those who wish to take away our Constitutional rights, such as the 2nd Amendment. He will be the voice of reason in Richmond and will bring much-needed change to the General Assembly. I look forward to working with him once he is elected.

S.D. Buckland, Rich Creek

I officially endorse Jason Ballard for House of Delegates District 12. Jason understands that our communities require a quality education for our children. He knows that our schools cannot thrive without competitive teacher pay and modern classrooms. Jason also realizes that economic prosperity is built from the ground up with our small businesses. Those small businesses need start-up funding and business incentives in order to grow. As a mother, teacher, and future small business owner, I know Jason will fight for our children’s future and the future of entrepreneurs everywhere.

Councilwoman Sara Bowles, Narrows Town Council

It is my honor to officially endorse Jason for House of Delegates. Jason is fully committed to serving the people of the New River Valley. I served over 30 years as a volunteer firefighter and now in local government, so Jason and I share a passion for serving our communities. Jason has spent over 16 years in the US Army. He currently devotes his time to coaching youth sports and being very active in our community organizations. I have absolutely no doubt Jason will continue being a leader and will zealously represent our values in Richmond.

Mayor John Davis, Town of Narrows

Over the last 4 years, I have watched Jason on the Pearisburg Town Council. He is an unwavering advocate for our law enforcement officers. Time and time again, he has supported my department’s request for additional resources that help make our community safer. Jason always listens to every perspective and makes decisions based on our residents’ needs and our area. I am so thankful we will have someone in Richmond who represents our values and who will fight for the New River Valley.

Chief Jackie Martin, Pearisburg Police Department

It is my pleasure to officially endorse Jason Ballard for House of Delegates. Jason is a proud supporter of law enforcement and someone who will protect our Constitutional rights like the 2nd Amendment. Jason lives and works in our community, so I know that he will be our biggest advocate of our community values. Jason will always have our best interests at heart, and I am proud to stand with him in his fight to bring Southwest Virginia values back to Richmond.

Chief Wes Hedrick, Glen Lyn Police Department

Today, I am proud to announce my official endorsement for Jason Ballard for District 12, House of Delegates. I know that Jason will always support our police officers who strive to make our community a better place to live. Jason believes in law and order and that our Constitutional rights shall not be infringed. Like Jason, my son is a Soldier, and I can attest that Jason is a man of character, integrity, and personal courage. He is the leader we’ve been looking for to represent us in Richmond.

Chief Doug Sadler, Pembroke Police Department

Jason Ballard is a man of integrity and principle who lives his values. He is a true public servant. I cannot imagine a better Delegate to serve the fine people of Virginia’s House District 12.

James F. Garrett, Former Staff Judge Advocate, 10th Mountain Division

As someone who has been in local government for many years, I have no doubt that Jason will represent the best interests of our community. Jason is exactly who we need on our side in Richmond.

Paul "Chappy" Baker, Vice Chair, Giles County Board of Supervisors

Being on the Board of Supervisors, I am keenly aware of the issues affecting our community. We constantly strive for ways to improve the quality of life for our residents. Jason shares in that goal, which is why I am happy to give him my full endorsement for his campaign to bring Southwest Virginia values back to our District.

John Lawson, Western District Supervisor, Giles County Board of Supervisors

I have served on Town Council with Jason for the past 4 years. He is a person of integrity who cares deeply about our community. I’ve watched Jason fight for what he believes in and I know he will do the same as our Delegate. I wholeheartedly endorse him to be our representative in Richmond.

Kristi Eaton, Vice Mayor, Pearisburg Town Council.

Jason will get the job done by using his moral compass to guide the way. Jason cares deeply about our community, and he will be unwavering in his effort to restore the balance of power and uphold our values and way of life.

Sarah Thwaites, Narrows Town Councilwoman

We definitely need a change in that Delegate District, and Jason Ballard is the person who will go to Richmond and stand up for Southwest Virginia. We need to replace Chris Hurst.

Dirk Compton, Pulaski County Draper District Supervisor

I’m very impressed with Jason Ballard and his qualifications. He is very capable of giving us the voice we need in the House of Delegates and will get things done for Southwest Virginia. Unlike Chris Hurst, Jason is from the 12th District. He was born and raised in Giles County.

Laura Walters, Pulaski County Ingles District Supervisor

As a member of the Giles County Board of Supervisors, I see issues that our communities are facing on a daily basis. Jason has shown his support of our communities as well as his determination to better the area. His core moral values and willingness to stand for what he believes will be invaluable assets for our district. His dedication to service is unparalleled. Jason has my full endorsement for the 12th District Delegate.

Jeff Morris, Giles County Central District Supervisor

As a friend, neighbor, and colleague on the Pearisburg Town Council, it is my pleasure to officially endorse Jason as the Republican Nominee in Virginia’s 12th House District. Jason’s credentials and demonstrated performance prove him to be a powerful advocate for the citizens of the 12th district. His efficient and aggressive approach to addressing difficult issues is exactly what we need. Jason’s values are grounded from serving our country in difficult circumstances in foreign lands. He fully understands the true importance of family and community.

Frank Tanner, Pearisburg Town Councilman

I am happy to endorse Jason for House District 12. Jason and I share a deep commitment to faith, family, and freedom. We both want to see our district represented by someone who shares our values and dedication to providing us a strong, conservative voice in Richmond. As a fellow Town Councilman, I know that Jason will always put the needs of our community first, and I am confident that he will be the leader that we’ve needed for the last 4 years. I wholeheartedly support Jason, and I encourage everyone in our community to do the same.

Joe Goorskey, Narrows Town Councilman



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