Jason Ballard Delegate

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Delegate Jason Ballard is an unwavering advocate for the New River Valley in Richmond, and I am very proud to endorse him for re-election. He is a dedicated supporter of Law Enforcement, victims, and the rule of law. He is a rising star and we need more conservative leaders like Delegate Ballard in Richmond.

Jason Miyares, Attorney General

Jason is a leader and fellow Veteran who currently serves his country in the Army Reserves and serves our Commonwealth in the House of Delegates. Jason is a Veteran. He has spent his life serving America and his community. Whether it is fighting for police funding, protecting life, or advocating for our service members, Jason will never turn his back on his fellow Virginian. I am proud to endorse him for re-election and I look forward to continuing to work with him to secure and restore Virginia.

John McGuire, Delegate

I am proud to have campaigned with Delegate Ballard where I saw firsthand his conscientious service to the good people in the New River Valley, and I fully endorse his campaign for re-election. Jason is a strong supporter of our men and women in law enforcement and has proven himself to be a strong advocate for conservative values defending life, liberty and better opportunities for all. Delegate Jason Ballard is a trusted leader protecting our natural right to self-defense embodied in our Second Amendment, and fighting to keep parents at the forefront of the education of their children. Just as Jason serves his nation in the United States Army Reserve, he is an honorable servant of the Commonwealth. It is a genuine pleasure to endorse Delegate Ballard and I look forward to his continued exemplary service to the people of our Commonwealth.

George Allen, Former Governor



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