Mass Meeting Details
June 3rd, New River Community College
Registration begins at 11am and goes through 12:30pm
The meeting will begin at 12:30pm, you MUST register to participate

The 42nd District’s Republican nominee this year will be decided at a Mass Meeting as opposed to a traditional Primary election. The Mass Meeting will be held in the Edwards Hall at New River Community College, starting at 12:30pm. So what’s the difference?

A Mass Meeting is basically just a regular local GOP Committee meeting. You’ll register before the meeting from 11am-12:30pm so the party can confirm that you are indeed a registered voter in the district. The meeting will start right at 12:30pm, and there will be some procedural votes and appointing of different committees to help run the election portion of the meeting. Once that’s done, voting for the Republican nominee will be conducted as normal. You’ll get a ballot, cast your vote, then the votes will be counted at the meeting and announced. Then the meeting will be adjourned.

Please note that you will need to attend the meeting in person and stay until your vote has been cast. There is NO EARLY OR ABSENTEE voting option for a Mass Meeting. You will need to bring a government photo ID, and preferably your Voter Registration Card, so that the party can confirm you are a registered voter in the 42nd District. As long as you are in line before the 12:30pm registration deadline, you will be allowed to vote.